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Student Advocacy


We would like to introduce you to the services and personnel in the Student Advocacy Office. Our mission is to promote student health, socially and emotionally, along with the most successful academic achievement possible for each student. We offer short-term individual and group counseling, classroom presentations, and consultation to parents and teachers. Our small groups focus on varied topics such as dealing with stress, friendships and family changes. Students can sign up for groups or be referred by parents or teachers.

Through our office we also offer family support and referrals to school and community resources. Occasionally through the year, we may provide parent forums on topics related to adolescence or middle school. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your child that we may be able to assist you with, please feel free to call us at (207) 730-4814.

We look forward to working in partnership with all of you to ensure that the middle school years are happy and successful for all our students and their families.

Michelle Grant
School Counselor
(Last Names: A-L)

Aly Murtha
School Councilor
(Last Names: M-Z)

Tricia Mokriski
Social Worker

Berkeley Nappi
Social Worker

Irene Richard
Social Worker

Victoria Lemelin
Administrative Assistant