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Allied Arts

Allied Arts classes are included in our curriculum to provide students with a variety of course offerings that are exploratory in nature.


Scarborough Middle School offers a semester long visual art class for each grade level aligned with the National Core Arts Standards. The art program fosters creativity and problem solving while exploring the artistic process through creating, presenting, responding, and connecting with the arts as well as with other disciplines. Art classes provide a student centered art curriculum that implements many concepts from the TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) or Choice Based Art Curriculum. Students will be prompted to create detailed plans, reflect on their ideas, and evaluate when and how to make improvements while coming to understand the principles of visual organization. Students learn about the personal and functional values of art from history through the present and are invited to engage in the creation of unique and creative works of design and visual art.  


In the Scarborough Middle School instrumental music program, students continue to improve the music reading and performance skills which they began working on in the 5th grade. A stronger emphasis is placed on preparation of concert material, as there are two performances a year. The band is a strong integral piece in the mosaic of middle school curriculum.

For many students it is the first experience with a discipline that requires long-term commitment, dedication, patience, and the relentless reinforcement of fundamentals. For those who succeed the rewards are wonderful. The students see first hand the direct relationship between focused self-discipline, and the resulting personal achievement.

This realization does not stop with music. The dedication to music awakens in children their individual potential for success and creativity provided they honestly dedicate themselves over the long term - a rare and valued skill in these days of apps and social networks.


Middle School Chorus meets weekly and is open to any middle school boy or girl. A variety of musical styles are sung. Through weekly preparation the students prepare for two concerts during the school year. Chorus offers a great opportunity for the middle school students to sing in a large chorus setting with others from the school who have an interest in singing.


Our 8th grade Health curriculum is to promote health literacy and to adapt healthy lifestyles through goal setting, hands-on opportunities, and life-like experiences. These students meet twice a week per semester (half the year).


Music (6th & 7th Grades)

  • The goal of this course is to help students become better musical thinkers by deepening their understanding of “Big Ideas” in music. We do this by:
  • Engaging in music the way musicians in “real world” contexts do––through listening, performing, and creating music individually and with others.
  • Engaging with a variety of music from various cultural and historical contexts.

Physical Education

In Physical Education, 8th grade students will be involved in many different activities, including individual and tam sports, competitive and cooperative games, and skills challenges. The main focus of our program is overall wellness and fitness for life. That is reinforced with the use of heart rate monitors.

Sportsmanship and cooperation are stressed as well as effort and a positive attitude. Students will learn about the components of fitness, target heart rate, and goal setting during this course.


STEM class integrates the topics of science, technology, engineering, and math with a focus on hands-on application. Students are taught how to analyze and solve real world problems, and are encouraged to be creative and innovative thinkers.


World Language

This year the 8th grade students enrolled in French and Spanish are completing their 2 year Level I course of study. This course encompasses person to person communication, reading, listening, oral and written presentations, the study of cultural practices, as well as the grammar and nuances of the language. The students are acquiring the skills that will allow them to communicate in various authentic situations.